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160GB PS3 bundles appear on GameStop


A PlayStation 3 Slim with a 160GB hard drive has mysteriously shown up on GameStop's site, available right now for the same $300 price as the standard 120GB model. Previously, the 160GB model has only been available in Japan. Further adding to the mystery is an image on the GameStop front page touting this model of PS3 as "Just Announced," even though it hasn't been officially announced by Sony. "Just announced privately to GameStop," maybe.

This new model is available through GameStop in a standard hardware bundle ($299.99), as part of a $404.97 God of War 3 bundle containing the game and two controllers, and in a $379.97 Accessory Bundle with two controllers and a Bluetooth remote. We're checking in with Sony about this (sort of) announcement, about its possible retail exclusivity, and about whether the 320GB model will also become available.

[Thanks Maverick!]

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