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2K Marin on the cross-oceanic development of XCOM


Speaking to Gamasutra, 2K Marin's Jonathan Pelling discussed the state of development on the upcoming reboot of XCOM. The game has already raised something of a fuss with longtime fans, as the new game eschews the turn based strategy in favor of first-person shooting. Still, Pelling insists that the new XCOM will retain the "feeling" of the series and that it includes plenty of strategic elements.

We've heard all of this before, of course, but Pelling did reveal the interesting fact that each of 2K Marin's teams -- one in Australia, the other in California -- is focused on a different section of the game. According to Pelling, the California team is "dedicated to leading the design side of the field operations -- the FPS combat and stuff," while the Australian team is focused on the story and campaign. He added that the studio is making sure neither team diverges from the other. Still, Pelling noted that the game has "a very strong concept behind it and so it's really just a matter, at this point, of executing."

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