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CEA's Demo Days brings ESPN 3D to retailers for one weekend in September


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Despite 3DTVs showing up for sale everywhere, there's just not much content to watch on them yet. We've come out in support of football and sports in general as selling points for 3D more than once, but since ESPN 3D only broadcasts live events and most stores don't have access to the channel, the only way to see it is to buy one. That will change between September 10-12, when ESPN 3D carries the Miami/Ohio State college football game live and teams up with the CEA to bring demos to participating retailers (read: Best Buy, Fry's, ABT and some specialty A/V shops.) Don't worry if you can't run by the store during the game, ESPN 3D is apparently providing highlights from the World Cup, X Games and Boise State/Virginia Tech all weekend. Enough to clear up all the questions and issues with 3D? Probably not, but ultimately the new tech is something that can only sell if people see it, and this will definitely be the widest reaching simultaneous exhibition to date.

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