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Flight Control coming to PS3 on September 15


There have been a lot of console adaptations brought to the iPhone, but sending games the other way hasn't been as common. Firemint is changing that, however -- they've announced that they'll be bringing iPhone superhit Flight Control to the PlayStation 3 as a downloadable title, and the game will even support the new Move controller, so you'll be able to draw flight paths in the air with a motion control wand (or you can use a regular dual stick controller if you'd rather do that). The game will also bring 1080p support, as well as a four-player drop-in/out mode and an exclusive map named "Metropolis." Flight Control HD will be available on the PSN on September 15th.

I'd be interested to see some other iPhone-specific titles make the jump to major consoles as well -- with the onset of Kinect and Move, translating the iPhone's touch controls to the television should get a little easier. We'll likely see a few more big iPhone titles (Angry Birds? Doodle Jump?) head across from Apple's platforms to more traditional gaming outlets in the future.

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