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Chris Cao claims DCUO will be the "ultimate superhero experience"


The superhero MMO genre isn't as sparse as it used to be, but DCUO's Chris Cao isn't sweating the competition. In a recent interview with The MMO Gamer, DC Universe Online's creative director expresses supreme confidence that DCUO will be the one superhero title to rule them all. "It's just the ultimate superhero experience," he said. "You're not playing Batman this time. You are there with thousands of other players, working for and against him. That's never been done."

simultaneous rollout to both the PC and PS3 was a significant part of the interview. Cao admits that he was attracted to the project specifically because it was going to be released for the console market as well, something he feels is largely unexplored territory.

Cao also discusses the relationship that his team built with DC proper during the game's development. Instead of being at odds with having thousands of player-run superheroes entering into the DC universe, DC worked hand-in-hand to both educate SOE's crew and help meld the comic book experience with the MMO. Cao shares one example of this: "In fact, just a couple weeks ago, Geoff Johns and I were talking, and we thought of a feature we wanted to put in, and he goes, 'No problem, we'll write it into the comic books. So now it's instant canon.' I don't think you can get much better than that."

You can read the full interview over at The MMO Gamer.

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