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Crysis 2 limited editions, Xbox 360 closed beta announced


EA has announced that, for a limited time at launch, a Limited Edition of Crysis 2 will be available for the same price as the standard edition. In other words, "buy the game immediately." The "Limited Edition" includes bonus experience points in multiplayer, a "SCAR Hologram Decoy" that allows players to project an image of themselves, a "SCAR Weapon Skin" in digital camouflage, and an in-game Platinum Dog Tag.

Not extravagant enough? EA also announced the Crysis 2 Nano Edition, which despite its name is quite a bit larger. It'll include the Limited Edition of the game, a steel case, an 11" statue of the protagonist atop an NYC taxi, and an art book. And all of that's inside a backpack (designed to resemble the Nanosuit). This outrageous special edition will only be available via pre-order from EA, for $149.99, £119.99, or EUR 129.99.

In addition, EA announced that a closed beta will be held for Xbox 360 players "later this year." Enjoy some new gameplay footage after the break, and learn about the announced multiplayer modes here.

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