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Curse of the Worgen comic on sale Nov. 17

Matthew Rossi

It's no secret that I'm ridiculously in love with our new worgen overlords. As far as I'm concerned, they can't start eating us fast enough. As such, I'm crazy-excited for Blizzplanet's announcement that a release date has been settled upon for the upcoming Curse of the Worgen comic series. Written by Micky Nielson of "Unbroken" fame and James Waugh (known for his work on StarCraft II), and illustrated by Ludo Lullabi and Tony Washington, it's got me intrigued. How will this limited series connect up with the worgen story as it unfolds in Cataclysm?

Heck, I'm a sucker for detective stories without worgen in them, so adding them has me positively giddy.

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