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Updated: DDO Update 6 to release today with player bonuses

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

We know from our developer tour last week that Update 6 -- the Red Fens Adventure Pack -- is releasing to the Dungeons and Dragons Online servers today, but the big question is "what time?"

The DDO devs are being cagey about it, with the best answer so far being "Really really really incredibly soon." The exact time may be a secret, but when this update does arrive, it will bring some bonuses that players should enjoy. There will be a 10% XP bonus for quests and a 30% bonus to guild renown through August 29th.

Update 6 will be available to VIPs sometime today, and available to all other players in the DDO Store Thursday at a cost of 450 Turbine Points.

[Update: Update 6 is now live]

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