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FedEx delivery person robbed of Apple gear by co-workers

Keith M

Somehow I think there's an easier way for a FedEx employee to steal electronic goods.

Last week, a California FedEx driver was held at gunpoint by four masked men, forced to hand over his delivery truck's shipments. Among the items in the cargo area were boxes of Apple products, though it's not clear what they were.

As usual, the suspects bumbled the heist by allowing the license plate of their getaway vehicle to lead right to one of the suspects. One suspect, though, just so happened to be a FedEx employee who worked in the same area as the held-up driver. Apparently he saw what was being loaded in the co-worker's truck and made his hasty plan.

So now the question is: were these robbers over-the-top Apple fans, or did they think they could get away selling these on the black market?

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