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Guerrilla Games working on new PS3-exclusive IP, not related to Killzone

Kyle Orland

During his just-concluded GDC Europe keynote presentation, Guerrilla Games Managing Director Herman Hulst confirmed that the company has started work on a new IP not related to the Killzone franchise. No further details were given about the new project, but Hulst said the company was looking to broaden their abilities to create not just Killzone but "any game we want to make."

Hulst said he hopes the new project would bring back the "level of scope and ambition" they had when they were a startup company. To that end, Hulst said they're building a brand new studio and scaling up their team by hiring new talent.

Speaking to Joystiq after the presentation, Hulst added that the project -- in "very early days in terms of conceptualizing what we're doing" -- is intended to be exclusive to PlayStation 3.

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