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HTC Spark, Bee and Lexikon specs outed: one WP7 and two Froyo devices coming soon


Another day, another HTC leak. This time we're seeing some juicy specs for three upcoming devices, courtesy of notorious ROM leakster 911sniper (who appears to be buddies with Conflipper). First up is the cutely-named Bee that sounds pretty much identical to the entry-level Wildfire in Europe, except for the pre-loaded Android Froyo (as opposed to Eclair) and the Verizon-bound Qualcomm MSM7625 chipset. Next we have another Froyo handset dubbed the Lexikon, which comes with a more impressive package: 800MHz MSM7630 world-phone chipset, 512MB of RAM, and a QWERTY keyboard presumably under the 3.8-inch 480 x 800 screen. Apart from the much lower clock speed here, this could very well be the Android slider we saw earlier this month. Finally, we round off with the WP7-donning Spark that we've probably spotted before -- here we have the good ol' 1GHz Snapdragon silicon (but not the CDMA2000 flavor as we speculated), 512MB of ROM and RAM each, 3.7-inch 480 x 800 display, and a 5 megapixel camera. Phew! After all this, we best be off to bed -- do wake us up when there's a release date.

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