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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit gameplay footage will get your heart racing


This freshly released gameplay trailer for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit from Burnout vets Criterion Games has us in a hot pursuit of a controller with which we can play more of this blistering-fast racer. The footage features cops versus racers in both day and night settings, the latter we're pretty sure was put in the game just to show off the police car lights bathing passing cars and scenery in their red and blue beams.

The video begins and ends with a peek at the game's "Autolog" player vs. player challenge system. There are also some shots that'll be familiar with anyone who played Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 in the PS2 era, including roadblocks, spike strips (dropped from helicopters!) and the cops calling in high-performance backup when their cruisers just aren't getting the job done. It looks fast-tastic. Now, if only November 16 could get here faster.

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