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Overheard@GDC: Seeing red in Mirror's Edge


Did you ever stop to think that red was an odd choice for the guiding Runner's Vision in Mirror's Edge? Well, the first-person parkour game's level designer, Elisabetta Silli, used to think so. At the "The Tao of Level Design" panel this morning, she said, "Red is an odd choice because it means danger or stop." She mentioned that when she first played the game she got to a red door and stopped. Of course, now she can't imagine it being any other way: "Red is perfect for Faith, I wouldn't change it."

Silli is currently working on the Battlefield franchise, but she couldn't get into specifics when asked about which title (hmmm). When asked about a potential sequel to Mirror's Edge, she said she "can't talk about it, sorry." Asked how she would change the design for a sequel, she opened up to say that she'd focus on navigation and letting the player get a better idea of what's coming next, instead of relying on the red flashes to point the way. She would like the path of the player to be clear from the beginning. On whether she'd like to work on a sequel, "Yeah, I would love to work on a sequel." You want it, we want it – let's just do this thing, EA.

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