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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm special edition detailed

Hey, you're already paying $14.99 a month to have access to the expansive, quest-strewn lands of World of Warcraft -- why not shell out a few extra bucks to claim the collector's edition of the MMO's upcoming expansion, Cataclysm? The premium, $79.99 version of the add-on, which will only be available in retail stores, just had its contents revealed by Blizzard.

The bundle includes a 176-page art book, a DVD featuring developer commentary and a quick background of the Warcraft universe, a CD of the expansion's soundtrack, a mouse pad, a starter deck and a few bonus cards for the World of Warcraft TCG, and -- the item which will force die-hard WoW players to spring for the special edition -- a "Lil' Deathwing" in-game pet. The expansion is still sans-release date, but the presser announcing this collector's edition promises that information will be divulged "in the months ahead."

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