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WoW Moviewatch: A Void in My Heart


I'm a sucker for song. I have the musical talent of a dead raccoon who's been baking on the road in the summer heat. But I do love listening to music and the beautiful poetry of verse. And while I do tend to prefer fresh folks or original crescendo music, I can still appreciate parody lyrics that are sung with skill. I think that's why A Void in My Heart by Jennisfar and its accompanying machinima by JoshuaIRL.

I really enjoy Jennisfar's singing and lyrics. Joshua's work with the video creates great counterpoints and enhancements to her lyrics, and the pair really just come together well. At the risk of starting a fight, I think Jennisfar and JoshuaIRL's choice for characters and locations are a nice breath of fresh air in the musical machinima scene.

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