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John Mellencamp calls the internet the most dangerous invention since the atomic bomb

Laura June

Oh, the old folks. Funny, the way they insist on inserting their feet into their mouths about technology, isn't it? Well, John Mellencamp -- the 'salt of the earth'-type rocker who had plenty of hits which we remember but which you certainly may not -- has said that the internet is the most dangerous invention since the atomic bomb, and that it's destroying rock n' roll. Well, that sure is over the top, but the man makes a few decent points if you ask us -- MP3 players have gotten us used to listening to bad, low bit-rate versions of music -- but, then again, we're not sure that the internet can really be blamed for "destroying the music business." During a public seminar at the Grammy Museum Mellencamp delivered plenty of eyebrow-raising remarks, adding that the internet, while okay for personal communications, has been destructive to both the music and movie industries, and that he believes that in the future, nobody will barely remember who The Beatles or The Rolling Stones are because of the destruction of the legacy' of rock n' roll. We weep at the thought, John.

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