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LG enlists 'Z Boy' to promote Optimus Z, resembles an open source Zorro

Chris Ziegler

Now that LG's new Optimus Z is available from both KT and SK Telecom in South Korea, it's obviously time to promote it -- and how better to promote a hot new smartphone launch than with a random mashup of the green Android dude and Zorro? Actually, this fella is actually "Z Boy," a tribute to the "Z" in "Optimus Z" -- but he's sporting the Zorro look as he wanders the streets of Seoul for the next month looking for victims potential buyers for the 5 megapixel, WVGA-equipped Android handset. With major entrants from Motorola, Samsung, and LG in the market, Android competition in South Korea is nearly as heated as it is across Europe and North America -- so yes, if you've got to win over a few customers with a big, lovable robot wearing a face mask, then by all means, LG, do your thing.

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