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Samsung says GPS is 'tested and validated' on Epic 4G, our testing agrees

Chris Ziegler

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If you own a Galaxy S anywhere in the world or you're thinking of buying one, you're probably well-acquainted at this point with the GPS issues it's been suffering that prevent you from getting anything close to a precise lock on your location -- it might not be a deal-breaker for some, but for anyone planning on using their phone for turn-by-turn nav or fitness tracking (for instance) it's a big deal. Samsung's already committed to updating released versions of the phone in September, but what about the upcoming Epic 4G? Our testing suggests that it's functional -- Google Maps was able to give us extremely precise positions very quickly -- and a statement we've received from Samsung seems to corroborate that:

"We have tested and validated both Network Assisted (indoor) and Autonomous (outdoor) GPS on the Epic 4G. With regards to Vibrant and Captivate, we are currently testing software updates which will optimize GPS performance. We expect to be able to make the updates available in September and will communicate more information and download instructions in the next few weeks."
In other words, the Captivate and the Vibrant have the bug and will be fixed next month; the Epic, meanwhile, should be good to go when it launches on the 31st. Cheers to that, we say.

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