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Yahoo! Mail for iPad and iPhone contains tasty HTML5 goodness


While Yahoo! Mail isn't as wildly popular as, say, Gmail, there are still a lot of people who have Yahoo! Mail accounts. After all, you need a Yahoo! account to use Flickr, so many people sign up for the free accounts without a second thought. For the most part, the Web-based mail client has been a real yawner -- until now.

Yahoo! has rolled out an HTML5-optimized version of Yahoo! Mail for iPad, following a successful rollout of a similar Web app for iPhone. To get to the newly-refreshed mobile sites, you just point Safari on the iPad (or iPhone for that matter) to

The iPad app is very usable, particularly in landscape mode where the side-by-side panes have room to "stretch out" for readability. When you're offline, Yahoo! Mail uses HTML5's local caching capabilities to let you read and search messages that you've previously received. Organization of messages is made easy by using a full search function and personal folders, and there are preset Smart Folders that collect messages from those in your Contact list, save attachments from incoming mail, and store photos that have been mailed to you. When photos are attached to an email, you can view them as previews in the inbox view or in their full size by tapping a Full View button.

If you're a current Yahoo! Mail user or are just looking for a new free email account, you might want to give the new HTML5 mail sites for iPad and iPhone a try. They're surprisingly clean, trouble-free, useful, and most importantly, free.

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