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Apple Store down, Waldo still hiding in the country listings (update: new Compare Macs feature)

Ross Miller

Judging by the four dozen or so emails that have popped up in our email since midnight ET, Apple has put up its great big Sticky Note™ to mask whatever it is doing behind the scenes. New MacBooks? iTV? A second-generation iPad with three cameras and your choice of seven colors? Or is it just the kind of standard maintenance that gets everyone all worked up over nothing? That's usually the case for non-Tuesdays, but you never know. We'll keep checking.

P.S. - No, Waldo isn't actually hiding on the official Apple Store splash page. Sorry.

Update: The Store of Mac has finally booted itself back up, but alas there's nothing new on offer. No white iPhones, no Apple-branded frappuccino makers, nada.

Update 2: Spoke too soon. Turns out there's a new Compare Macs feature that you can find after selecting an individual system and subsequently clicking on the new icon hanging near the top left.

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