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Shot happens: Splatterhouse screen is the butt of our jokes

It's time for some straight talk. When we saw the above image – part of Namco's Splatterhouse Gamescom press blast today – we were simultaneously both grossed out and in stitches. We had a lot of gags (both because of and featuring) Rick and his monster pal but we couldn't settle on just one. So we're using this post to bring them all to you. Bon appétit!

  • Griffin: "I remember my first chipotle trip, too!"
  • JC: "Hey, Doug, how's work on that monster coming along?" "Oh, pretty good, but the butthole isn't quite protuberant enough. I'll get back to it after lunch."
  • Ben: "Well if I had known it was going to be that kind of party, I'd have brought my feces-vomiting necromorph!"
  • JC: "I read on the internet that someone was still planning on buying our game ... what can we do about that?"
  • Chris: "Indian food, never again."
  • Griffin: "I'm going for that collapsed rectum look, you know? Something haunting, yet realistic."
  • Richard: "Most people have chocolate fountains at their wedding, but not Rick."
  • JC: "I said i wanted lots of SPECTERS in the game."
  • Andrew: "I can't wait to see the ESRB describe this!"
  • Ludwig: "If anyone from the press emails you about this, just turn on your out-of-orifice reply."
And now, for some 'chops:

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