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WoW Moviewatch: Alexstrasza


This is Alexstrasza by Sharm and Tyranno. Sharm did the singing, while Tyranno did the lyrics and the machinima. It's fairly obviously a parody of Lady Gaga's Alejandro, but this version takes a second to get rolling. I highly recommend taking the time to let it get started in earnest.

I just happened to be in the war room when this video hit the internet, and I was able to collect some quotes from your intrepid staff about Alexstrasza. In lieu of my usual blathering, I thought I might share those today:

Matt Low called it "the best thing since chopsticks," while Ziebart himself said, "I love it, it's hilarious." By comparison, Mathew McCurley said, "I went from hate you to love you almost weirdly fast." I think we were all struggling with initial Gaga-related revulsion, but couldn't help be won over by the good time parody. But I assure you that this song is insanely catchy, and it will stay with you. Robin closed, saying, "I really, really love that video."

Also, please welcome Deathwing to his first musical performance on Moviewatch.

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