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Brazen bank robber arrested after emailing local paper to correct heist details

Tim Stevens

We know how great the temptation is to throw out a nasty comment when a journalist gets something wrong, but let this story out of Germany be a lesson to you that sometimes discretion is advised. A bank robber aged 19 in Wuerzburg pulled off a bank heist, managing to escape without being identified. The next morning he flipped open the paper to read of his daring exploits. Shocked to see that the press got his height, accent, and means of escape wrong he fired off a scathing missive via e-mail. Surely you can guess what's coming next -- a quick trace of the e-mail told the police where to look, and he's now under arrest, where he's surely writing daily to the warden about the improper fit of his over-alls and how the stripes make him look fat.

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