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Goldeneye multiplayer trailer and screens take us back

"A new Goldeneye has arrived," the trailer below matter-of-factly states, "so what are you going to do?" That, Mr. Trailer, is an awfully open-ended question. We imagine we'll stick to our usual routine of waking up at noon, then turning on whatever television station is currently running an America's Next Top Model marathon, but -- oh, we see. That's one of those rhetorical questions. We're supposed to say "multiplayer, of course," and then you show a bunch of clips from Goldeneye 007's multiplayer component. Sorry for the confusion.

Check out some new-but-familiar maps (hey, it's the Facility!), guns (hey, it's the RCP90!) and features (hey, it's Paintball Mode!) in the trailer posted after the jump. Or, if you're interested in the game's single player campaign for some reason, you can check that out in the nifty galleries posted even further after the jump.

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