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Doodle Jump gets a Retina Display update


Doodle Jump has released a free update, available now, that not only brings out that underwater content that Igor Pusenjak promised us in that interview a little while back, but also updates the graphics on the app to take full advantage of the iPhone 4's Retina Display, so you can see the little doodle jumping up those platforms clearer and sharper than ever. Only three stages have been updated with Retina Display graphics so far, but Pusenjak says that "the rest of the Retina Display graphics is almost done and we'll be releasing it soon!" The update is of course free for the game's owners, or you can pick up the "Insanely Addictive" title for just 99 cents.

Pusenjak also told us
that after the water-related content was done and out, the iPad version of the app would be next up for development, so we'll keep an eye out for news on that soon. Good to see that just because this little game is so popular, its developers aren't taking success lying down.

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