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Lava Mobile's B5 Alpha touts groundbreaking ABCDE keyboard


Okay, we're admittedly a wee bit stumped by what Lava's peddling here. The Lava B5 is a decent-looking, Bold-esque device with an ABCDE keyboard layout -- yeah, this kinda frightened our digits, too -- but as to what OS it runs or what network type it calls home is a complete mystery. For what it's worth, the pic (render?) shows us Verizon Wireless and an EV-DO symbol, all on what must be some old flavor of Windows Mobile... so we've got our doubts as to the veracity of that setup. The phone is destined for India and as such has an Indian calendar, Nimbuzz (messaging, Skype, and the like), a 2 megapixel camera, a bundled 2GB microSD card expandable to 8GB, and even a PC Suite app of some sort that's potentially handy. Pricing on the B5 Alpha comes in at 4,399 rupees (roughly $95). Oh, and if the whole ABCDE keyboard isn't quite catching your fancy, no sweat: Lava has a B5 featuring old reliable QWERTY on offer.

[Thanks, deej]

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