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Wii Fit used to diagnose football-related concussions

Did you know that a football player's vocation requires them to hurtle their head at other football players' heads with little regard for the safety of either? Did you know that this type of reckless cranial colliding can cause concussions and other serious, long-term head injuries? It's true -- but according to the Washington Post, athletic trainers at the University of Maryland and Ohio State University have found a tool to help diagnose and monitor players' dome-piece health: Wii Fit.

Trainers at the two universities now require players to use the Wii Balance Board to get a baseline reading of their -- what else? -- balance. When a player suffers a fairly nasty blow to the head region, they can take another Wii Fit test to see if their balance has deteriorated -- one of the telltale signs of a concussion. Man, combine this test with the Vitality Sensor, and the Wii will become a one-stop-shop for sports-related injury diagnoses!

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