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Nokia Siemens Networks doubles network capacity with DFCA


Nokia Siemens Networks seem to be onto something magical in the neverending crunch carriers face as they balance (or don't) new subscribers with network capacity. The joint venture's dreamed up something they've dubbed Dynamic Frequency Channel Allocation, a fancy name for tech that purportedly doubles a cell site's capacity with clever radio tricks. Essentially DFCA reduces the spectrum required for calls in EDGE, WCDMA, and LTE networks, freeing that extra space up for your data needs, potentially doubling capacity within the same cell site, and even helping to reduce energy consumption. The big bonus for carriers here is that this new tech is mostly software-based thereby negating the need for more hardware purchases. Magic right? Well the jury's still out on that but the whole thing sounds like it could certainly shake things up a bit for the lucky folks using Nokia Siemens hardware. Well done NSN, we love anything to do with bigger, better, faster networks.

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