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The Cosplayers of Gamescom 2010

Kyle Orland

Given the hundreds of thousands of people who turned out for Gamescom 2010, the number of cosplayers in attendance was surprisingly small. Or maybe it wasn't surprising, given that this year's show didn't even encourage the costumed patrons with a feeble world record attempt or anything.

As you browse this collection of photos, see if you can spot:
  • The two guys who I suspect may have been gang members and not actually cosplayers
  • A character that is usually not seen eating popcorn eating some popcorn
  • Link pulling a reverse-Michael-Jackson (you'll know it when you see it)
  • The best use of a pacifier for Day of the Tentacle cosplay you will ever see

Gallery: Gamescom 2010 Cosplay | 23 Photos

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