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Cosplayers will compete at Tokyo Game Show's 'Metal Gear Cosplay Camp'


Start looking for a really nice cardboard box! And then ship yourself to Japan in it. Konami is holding a Metal Gear Solid cosplay contest next month, with the winner to be determined at the Tokyo Game Show.

Interested Johnny Sasaki lookalikes (and other Metal Gear cosplayers) can submit pictures here (warning: Japanese-language application!) Konami will select a few of the entries to appear at the publisher's TGS booth on September 18. There, they will be evaluated by a panel of guest judges to be announced later -- as well as the TGS attendees in general, who know a thing or two about dressing up.

The most difficult thing about Metal Gear cosplay is that if you're too accurate, you'll be too stealthy for the judges to notice.

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