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Metareview: Mafia 2


Much like the mafioso antics of Mafia 2's Vito Scaletta and co., review scores for the game are all over the place. 2K Games probably wants people to fuhgedabout those on the lower end, but we've collected a sampling of the whole gamut for you below. And hey, if you haven't read our review yet, you should read it first -- capisce?
  • Game Informer (90/100): "In an era when video games are moving away from relying on cinematics for storytelling, Mafia II draws on the rich mobster film history to weave a gripping drama about family, friendship, loyalty, betrayal, and pragmatism. If you're fond of quoting Don Corleone and Tony Soprano, don't miss this game."
  • GameSpot (8.5): "Mafia II is an excellent return of a franchise with great promise. Vito and his associates are memorable characters in a city bursting with subtle visual details and violent undertones ... While you might be disappointed with what Mafia II doesn't do, it's hard to be disappointed by what this excellent game does do: deliver fun shoot-outs and pockets of shocking brutality in a world you're delighted to be a part of."
  • Giant Bomb (3/5 Stars): "Playing Mafia II gives you the feeling that the developers put more emphasis on telling a great mob story than designing a great video game, but had to split their attention too much to effectively do either one ... There are a lot of great mob stories out there already, and this one needed more focus to stand out next to all the memorable tales that came before."
  • Eurogamer (4/10): "Mafia II gets the last word by destroying the myth that the mafia is interesting at all. It contends that the mob world is a hell of boredom populated by aggressively stupid automatons. These drones wake up each morning, carry out a series of repetitious tasks, and return home. The message: thug life is nothing more than it appears. And Mafia II is even less."

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