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Microsoft 'working on' real-time Windows Phone 7-to-console gaming over Wi-Fi


We had a feeling that Microsoft recognized the potential in phone-to-console gaming, but during our recent hands-on time with Windows Phone 7, reps kept mum on the subject. The same can't be said for at least one rep during Microsoft's recent X10 event in Toronto -- that's in Canadia, in case you were wondering -- who confirmed the functionality to rgbFilter during a video interview showcasing the new OS.

"So initially we're turn by turn-based," the rep said, referring to the phone-to-phone multiplayer capabilities on day one. "We are working on real-time phone-to-console, likely initially through Wi-Fi -- again, operator networks are sensitive to that. That's not on day one; day one will be turn-by-turn as well as companion-type gaming where you play a level on the phone and it may unlock a level or a weapon or some special achievement on the console game. But, uh yeah -- absolutely working on phone-to-console real-time. That is something we're working on and expect to have in the near future."

The video interview -- which you can watch just past the break -- also mentions gameplay between the PC and phone "using the Xbox Live infrastructure," where the rep references Shadow Run as an example. Skip to around 10:30 for the really juicy stuff.

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