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New Silver Lining chapter out in September, old King's Quest games on GoG now


Phoenix Online Studios announced that the second chapter of its Activision-approved(ish) free King's Quest game, The Silver Lining, will be released next month. In a post on the game's site, Phoenix's Cesar Bittar notes some of the improvements that have been made based on feedback from those who played the first game.

Thanks to you, Episode 2: Two Households will have better pathfinding, the option to switch between "extended" and "short" narration, new walking animation (with a walk/run toggle), more subtitle options, and widescreen support. In terms of gameplay, there are 17 new locations, a roughly 4-hour-long quest, and "puzzles a-plenty to keep you entertained."

If you want to catch up on this King's Quest business so you can understand why fans would go to the trouble of making a tribute game, just added a King's Quest 1-3 bundle to its shop, for $9.99. You can get a pack with 4, 5, and 6 for the same price. We'll warn you now: these games look and sound quite vintage.

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