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No Comment: Inception explained for Mac users


Confused by the summer's biggest blockbuster and its multiple dream levels? Wishing Christopher Nolan had used some sort of OS X-related metaphor instead? Jonah Ray's got just the graphic for you -- he created a graphic that shows just who's around on each level of the vast dreamscape in Inception, courtesy of the Finder's clean and simple interface. (It probably goes without saying, but you shouldn't follow that link unless you've seen the movie already. -Ed)

Of course, I can't help think that maybe it would be a little more appropriate if all of the sub-level pictures were just aliases of the original pictures, since deleting them won't delete the originals. And shouldn't Eames look a little different when he's impersonating Browning in Yusuf's dream? Wait -- our heads just started hurting again. Instead, we'll just post this picture here with no extra comment.

[via TDW]

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