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PDP announces lineup of Kinect peripherals


"Peripherals for Kinect? How does that work?" you might be asking yourself. First, we would point out that every article of clothing you own is technically a Kinect peripheral. Second, the first Kinect peripherals from PDP aren't the kind you might expect. Rather than offering up plastic tennis rackets or lightsabers, PDP has announced a line of products (first glimpsed at E3) to help consumers mount their new Kinect in various situations.
  • Wall Mount - $14.99
  • TV Mount - $39.99
  • Extension Cable - $49.99(!)
  • Floor Stand - $29.99
We suppose some people might spend $40 on the VESA standard TV mount, though you could accomplish the same task with $5 worth of Velcro. The floor stand might prove useful, however, as it keeps the unit "above the floor to help protect the Kinect for Xbox 360 from foot traffic and dirt." We might suggest the off-brand version of the floor stand, though. It's called a table. PDP's Kinect products will be available this November.

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