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Your voice could be in Gun Loco's music


If the "characters made from action figures" thing didn't sufficiently convince you of Gun Loco's locosity, Square Enix is soliciting vocal tracks for the music from ... you. The publisher has posted MP3 music and a lyric sheet for the game's title track, inviting fans to submit their own vocal interpretations.

To download the track, you need to be registered for the Square Enix Members site, but why wouldn't you want to do that anyway? After downloading the file, just record your version as an MP3, AVI or MOV and send it in. The winner will be sent to LA to record their vocals in a studio session and will also receive an Xbox 360, a copy of the game and other prizes.

You get 50 Square Enix Members points and special Avatar stuff just for entering, so there's really no downside, except that you have to say "I am not a lame katana aficionado" out loud.

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