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Newest DDO screenshots show The Last Stand

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Dungeons and Dragons Online's Update 6 was released last week, bringing with it the Red Fens Adventure Pack, the story of a group of Drow refugees under attack from the Sahuagin.

Most of the Drow have evacuated the area, but Viercha Ettervs, a Priest of Vulkoor is unwilling to leave, as you'll find out in the quest The Last Stand. Everyone loves a good escort quest, so off you go to hustle Viercha and his followers to safety while fending off Sahuagin attackers.

This is one of the shorter quests in the Red Fens pack, with the potential for several chests and some pretty easy bonuses (less than 40 breakables will get you the Ransack bonus, for example), so it's definitely worth checking out. Take a look at the four newest screenshots from Turbine in the gallery below for a sneak peek, then try it out for yourself in DDO.

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