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Playboy teams up with BigPoint, forming new games label in late 2010


Playboy, otherwise known as "that stack of mags you hide from your mom under the mattress," is stretching out beyond the flesh game and into the online gaming game. A press release (past the break) announces intentions to offer online games through a new games label, which Playboy will formally announce later on this year.

In the meantime, Playboy is teaming up with Bigpoint, which is currently working on Battlestar Galactica Online yet offers other free-to-play games via its own web portal -- which Playboy will now also distribute through its domain. The first game to get the red carpet treatment is Poisonville (link is probably NSFW) with "select titles" available in the future. Playboy also mentions other "development partnerships" in the coming months."

"Gaming is a growing, mainstream area. And part of our plan is to extend Playboy's brand into the mainstream," Paul H. Lee, Playboy's managing director for new digital ventures, told PaidContent. "Previously, Playboy's gaming interests included a few licensing deals and some editorial in the form of gaming reviews. But there was no clear, over-arching strategy in place. With Bigpoint, we've established a clear path in terms of where we want to go." Apparently, the 18-35 male audience Playboy has is also into gaming. Hey, we're just as surprised as you guys!

Jokes aside, Lee said that Playboy is investing a "significant" amount in this new venture. Here's hoping it works out for 'em, because we're not really sure what they could fall back on if things go south -- oh, right.

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The New Label Will Formally Launch in Late 2010, Anchored by an
Inaugural Partnership with Bigpoint and the Introduction of Poisonville

CHICAGO, August 25, 2010-Playboy Enterprises, Inc. (PEI) (NYSE: PLA, PLAA) announced today they will launch a new video game label in late 2010, which will offer a wide variety of high-quality online video games to male gamers. Playboy also announced they have partnered with Bigpoint, a leading online gaming company, to distribute select titles through, beginning with Bigpoint's Poisonville.

"According to Playboy user feedback, we know our audience is interested in online video games, so we're thrilled to launch a formal video game label later this year that will meet their needs," said Paul Lee, managing director of new digital ventures, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. "We're partnering with Bigpoint to distribute their Massively Multiplayer Online Game, Poisonville, and we look forward to announcing more high quality, development partnerships in the coming months."

Poisonville is an action-oriented, Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) that puts gamers into a fictional U.S. city where crime and corruption rule the streets. Players must complete a series of missions in order to counteract corruption, regain respect, and rebuild their reputations. Throughout the game, players will be encounter beautiful, Playboy-caliber women. In full-3D, players can drive a variety of vehicles, engage in player vs. player combat, and compete in ongoing competitions designed to stimulate gang warfare – all through a standard web browser. A trailer for the new game is currently available at

"We're excited to expand our global partnership with Playboy and introduce Poisonville to U.S. gamers," said Heiko Hubertz, founder and CEO, Bigpoint. "Launching this new game through will allow us to directly tap into our ideal gaming audience – avid, online men between the ages of 18-35. We look forward to engaging gamers in new and exciting ways through Playboy's network of high-traffic websites."

For additional information on Poisonville and Playboy's games please visit

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