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Snoopy Flying Ace's Suppertime of Destruction DLC out today

Justin McElroy

All the psychology books we've had briefly summarized to us insist that the only way to accept a difficult truth is in stages. If you've made peace with the fact that one of the best flight combat games of the year is called Snoopy Flying Ace, then you might be ready to hear that (1) today's new DLC is called Suppertime of Destruction and (2) you'll probably want it.

For $5, you'll get two new planes (one controlled by your Avatar), five new multiplayer modes, three weapons, plus new costumes, achievements and more stuff that you can find right after the break. That's right: The DLC for the Snoopy game sounds really appealing. You can lie down on the rug if you need some time to process, but don't be afraid! This is how the healing starts.

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2 New Airplanes

Whirlybird w/ Sniper Rifle weapon

Woodstock gets his own aircraft, and boy is it a game‐changer. It won't take many hits, but who needs armor when you can hover in hiding places you never knew existed on every map, zooming in on targets and sniping them from long range?

Dragonfly w/ Jammer weapon
Your Xbox Live Avatar has been a good sport in this game, parachuting from your burning plane again and again with a smile on his face, ready to jump back into the fray at your whim. He deserves a plane of his own, doesn't he? With a cool new static coil weapon that can leap from target to target, draining health, stunts and turbo from opponents? Of course he does.

5 New Multiplayer Game Modes

Dirty Boy
Pigpen's dust cloud is contagious! Infected players must spread the dirt to the opposing team. Look, we didn't do a zombie horde defense mode on purpose, all right? This is better.

Turret Defense
Occupy and hold both turret positions long enough to win. Is it a strategy game or a blow everybody up game? We've been playing it for months and we're still not sure.

Wild Woodstock

Capture Woodstock's escaped bird friends and return them to their cage. They were hand‐raised and won't do well in the wild.

Team Wild Woodstock
Round up Woodstock's escaped bird friends before the other team does. Parenthetically, this is a work of fiction and we do not support the practice of avian midair biplane capture for sport.

Top Dogs
Each team is led by a heavily armored Ace. Bring down the opposing team's Ace to score. Don't blame us if you drop out of college to play this mode.

3 New Weapons

'Lil Yellow
These brave little birds think you are steering them safely to new friends who will give them cupcakes. Actually,they're going to explode.

Shockwave generators that drift to earth on parachutes, thumping as they go.

Magnetized balls of explodey stuff, which seem drawn to their targets somehow.

3 New Achievements

Kite Flyer (20 Points)
The two new planes in this pack offer a new achievement – earn 50 kills in each of these "Kite Class" planes.

Bully (15 Points)
Kill a Blockhead in a Xbox LIVE player match.

Camouflage (15 Points)
Survive 5 minutes with no deaths in a Xbox LIVE player match.

11 New Pilot Costumes
For the classic Peanuts fans, each character gets a new costume drawn from Peanuts history.

30 New Plane Skins
Why, that's two profoundly cool new skins for every plane in the game! You'd think we didn't have enough to do around here or something.

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