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Palm Pre fake tires of waiting for webOS 2.0, takes up iOS and BlackBerry OS lookalikes instead

Chris Ziegler

We feel your pain: you love your BlackBerry at work and your iPhone for personal use, but as hardware goes, nothing gets your motor running quite like the Pre's pebble-esque shell. Trust us, we've all been there! Well, a new clone out of China seeks solve all your technological woes by combining an iOS-inspired user interface and the Pre's body -- with an iPhone home button thrown in for good measure, of course -- and when the time comes to throw on the suit and tie and head to work, you can switch the UI over to BlackBerry mode. As far as we can tell, it still functions like an iOS clone here, but at least the skin will remind you of the good ol' Bold days. Looks like you can't buy this thing online, but considering how well the software works in most of these things, it's probably for the best.

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