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Qualcomm job listing for iPhone dev guru sets internet absolutely aflutter

Ross Miller

"The iPhone has no secret for you? Well, that's what you think... join us and develop the most challenging product of your life!" So reads a now-removed job listing on Qualcomm's website for an "iPhone Developer Guru" (still cached, thanks to Google). Responsibilities will include "iPhone software design and development but not restricted to it" as well as some Android and... oh, you've already jumped to conclusions, have you? The forerunners of CDMA technology asking for iPhone software engineering? Teasing with the most challenging product of your life? We wouldn't fault for Qualcomm for a bit of boasting, and for all we know this could be much ado about nothing. Then again, we really don't know anything, and this isn't exactly some super clue in some giant mystery. Sorry, Encyclopedia Brown; don't get your hopes up.

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