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EA Sports MMA won't be sold in Denmark because of energy drink law


Let's play a quick game of "which of these two things is the craziest thing you've ever heard?" So, there's this Scandinavian law which prohibits any form of marketing for energy drinks, which EA Sports MMA (with its energy drink-branded fighter shorts and environments) would flagrantly violate. That's weird, right? Here's what's weirder: EA Sports has decided to cancel the game's release in the region outright to preserve the game's authenticity.

So, which is more bizarre? The fact that fans of dudefights living in Denmark won't be able to get their EA Sports MMA fix due to energy drink pants? Or the fact that EA Sports refuses to change the energy drink pants into Taco Bell pants because it would ruin the authenticity of the MMA experience? We're leaning towards the latter.

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