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Final Fantasy open beta date announced, new trailer released

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Final Fantasy XIV closed beta keys were a coveted item for a while, as fans sent in beta applications in the hopes of seeing the game's ups and downs firsthand.

Square Enix promised to grant that wish for everyone very soon with open beta, announcing that it would begin in early September. It looks like things are ready a bit earlier than anticipated, as the latest news from FFXIV has an open beta start date of August 31st. For those of you without access to the official beta forums, fansite FFXIVCore has everything summarized nicely.

News of the open beta isn't the only thing coming from Square Enix today. The company released a new pre-release trailer as well, featuring "Answers," the official FFXIV theme song. Follow along after the jump for the trailer, and we'll see you in open beta!

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