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One Shots: The grandeur of Ost Elendil

One of our favorite things that Lord of the Rings Online offers us is the chance to walk through -- even if only virtually -- the amazing locales so richly described in Tolkien's Middle-earth. From warm, cozy towns to coldly gilded locales like the one featured in today's One Shots, there's tons to explore! Today, we have a great note from Ian "Gilithernil" D., who gives us both a lore and player's perspective on today's location:

"Here's a picture of one of Lord of the Rings Online's older instances, Ost Elendil. This was once the throne room for the Kingdom of Arnor, once ruled by Elendil of Westernesse. The royal capital of Annuminas has since fallen into decaying ruins. Amarthiel, in league with the Black Numenoreans, has entered the city and palace to claim it for her own."

"This particular instance was originally designed to be a level 50, 6-person area. Despite being over-leveled for the place, my kinship and I think it's still a fun and enjoyable place to visit. The mechanics of the instance are unique, and I encourage everyone to play through it once before the changes coming with LotRO's move to F2P. Not to mention, it's one of the most beautiful indoor areas of Middle-earth."

Would you like to share your MMO travels? Just email a screenshot in to us here at along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. It could wind up as the next one we feature!

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