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Gaijin Games teases Bit.Trip Fate, coming to WiiWare this fall

Put your thinking caps on, friends -- it's time to get to work on dissecting the image seen above. The photo in question was recently emailed to fans of indie dev Gaijin Games as a teaser for the next entry in its musically-inclined series, Bit.Trip Fate. The email accompanying the image included a challenge from Gaijin, who stated "the discerning BIT.TRIPPER will be able to figure it all out." We consider ourselves pretty hardcore fans of the franchise, and, wow, we have absolutely no idea what's going on up there.

The game's official site mentions the title will receive a WiiWare release sometime this fall, so less cryptic information on Fate should surface soon. In the mean time, we're just going to assume it's a game about a snake made of light which likes to eat lava.

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