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Lenovo spin-off announces Kinect-inspired eBox console for China


There is a huge untapped market for console manufacturers: China. While Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo struggle to deal with Chinese government regulations, one company is seeking to create a new console specifically for the territory. Lenovo is prepping the "eBox," a new console that has Kinect-esque functionality in mind. With 120 million families as "potential buyers" in China, it's certainly a lucrative opportunity for the company to pursue.

A team of 40 Lenovo engineers are now working at a spin-off firm called Beijing eedoo Technology, and although the company has been in operation for less than a month, it seems confident in what the eBox can do. "We are the world's second company to produce a controller-free game console, behind only Microsoft," eedoo's Jack Luo told China Daily. Although there's no mention of a playable prototype, or finalized design, the eBox is expected to be available as soon as the first quarter of 2011, with a price higher than the Wii, and possibly lower than the Xbox.

Like the Wii, eBox won't be designed to have "exquisite game graphics." Instead, it will serve to "inspire family members to get off the couch and get some exercise" -- a mantra that has served Nintendo well this generation. With eedoo claiming 16 "global video game developers" working on content for the eBox, it won't be long until China will be able to get its share of yoga, pilates and dancing video games.

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