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In Brief: Woz' Big Bang Theory episode airs September 30th


I'm looking forward to the Big Bang Theory episode with Steve Wozniak, both because I'm a fan of the show, and because who doesn't love the Woz? A post on the CBS forums says that the episode with the Apple co-founder is coming up on September 30th, just the second episode of the show's new season.

There's no information yet on why Woz will appear with the nerds on the show, but the plot of the episode apparently has wacky physicist Sheldon Cooper trying to put his brain into the body of a robot in an effort to stay immortal. As you can see in the picture to the right, he either succeeds or (more likely) has a sitcom fantasy about succeeding, so maybe Woz will appear in a dream sequence.

At any rate, it should be fun -- The Big Bang Theory pretty successfully walks the line of friendly sitcom mixed in with some well-done geek cultural references. I'll be setting my Tivo for September 30th.

Thanks to Steaps for the tip!

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