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New Final Fantasy XI weaponskill trailer released

Eliot Lefebvre

Prior to the June version update for Final Fantasy XI, Square-Enix helpfully gave players a trailer showing off all of the exciting new weaponskills that could be used with the increased level cap. The September version update will raise the cap once again, and to carry on in the tradition a new trailer has been released showing off the newest batch of skills that players may unleash. Once again, there are a variety of techniques on display for every weapon, complete with the requisite ornate visual effects.

Aside from the obvious fact that your sword-wielding characters may now impersonate Zorro, several of the skills feature even more elaborate particle effects than normal, including the complicated crosshair brought into play on the new gun skill. Take a look past the break to see the trailer in all its goodness, and keep your eyes peeled for further previews as Final Fantasy XI approaches its next major milestone.

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