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Show Time may be the mother of all alarm clock apps

Mel Martin

There's no shortage of apps to wake you up in the morning. Show Time may be the most extensive, and it has a wicked sense of humor as well.

The app handles multiple alarms and has 25 ambient noise selections to put you to sleep, or you can choose something from your iTunes collection. There are 58 versions of clock faces, all in horizontal or vertical layouts. The alarm clock goes off even if your phone is set to silent, and you can shake the clock to change the color of the display or to snooze the alarm.

Some of the sound choices are a bit weird, like a dishwasher, a hair dryer, or a prison(!). One weak point is that you can't easily preview the sounds before you choose them. Other than that, I like Show Time. It's US$0.99 on the App Store. If you want to give it a test drive, there is a lite version, but the selection of sounds is limited, and there aren't nearly as many clock styles.There isn't an iPad version, but there should be. Check out the gallery for a peek under the hood.

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