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TERA Community Manager: No IP blocks

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Last month, the TERA developers made an announcement that caused a huge stir among potential players: Frogster had taken over publishing responsibilities for the EU version of the game.

One of the main concerns was that European players would be "stuck" on Frogster's European servers thanks to IP blocks. Late last week, En Masse finally eliminated that concern with the announcement that IP blocks will not be a factor: "The answer is that En Masse and Frogster will not implement IP blocking or other territorial restrictions to prevent connections from outside of their respective service regions. This means that in Europe or North America, you will be able to freely select which territory you wish to play TERA."

Players will still need to purchase the NA or EU version of the game, depending on which server they wish to play on, but the announcement of a choice is a relief to a large part of the TERA community.

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